If your pet is showing one or more of the following skin symptoms you may want to consult our Board Certified Dermatologist to evaluate their condition. Itchiness, hair loss, red skin, small bumps in the skin, pimple-like lesions, and scaling are symptoms of several problem skin conditions.

Canine and feline skin reacts to many insults in a similar manner. Your pet may have an allergy, irritant reaction, bacterial infection, yeast infection, one of many different types of external parasites, an autoimmune reaction — even some types of cancer can develop a similar set of symptoms. Since the symptoms for these insults are very similar it is not always easy to quickly diagnose the specific problem.

A typical dermatological work-up always involves a physical exam. During the examination the Dermatologist will methodically start eliminating causes one by one. The process can take some time and often involves multiple rechecks for a thorough diagnosis.

Some tests that may need to be conducted during examinations include:

  • Skin scrapings to look for mites that cause a few different types of mange
  • Skin cytology to check for abnormal skin cells and bacterial and yeast infections
  • A fungal culture to rule out ringworm

Quite often many pets suffer from more than one dermatological condition at a time. This could mean treating and curing one condition only to discover that there may be an underlying allergy (or other condition) that still needs additional treatment. Treating dermatological issues definitely requires patience for all involved, the dermatologist, pet parents and the pet.

Dermatology Specialty Services include:

  • Intradermal Skin Testing for Allergies
  • Custom Allergen Specific Immunotherapy formulation
  • Video Otoscopy
  • CT or MRI Services for Diagnosis of Ear Disease
  • Cryo and Laser Surgery


Cryosurgery freezes masses with liquid nitrogen and requires no stitches. Cryosurgery is ideal for patients with masses on the skin, eyelids, or ears. Cryosurgical treatment of masses can often be performed without sedation or anesthesia. However, please note that after removing the mass the site requires a few weeks to form scar tissue filling the area where the mass was located.

Intradermal Skin Testing

Intradermal skin testing (IDST) is the gold standard in allergy testing which is seldom available in a primary care facility. Our Board Certified Dermatologist provides this service along with custom formulation of allergen specific immunotherapy/allergy vaccine for your allergic pet. This does not test for food allergies. A novel ingredient elimination trial/food trial is the recommended process used for diagnosing food allergy.

Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is offered as an innovative, surgical technique for patients that results in less swelling and inflammation, less pain, and less bleeding that usually is experienced with more traditional surgical techniques.