Board-Certified Veterinary Specialists

Our referral center provides the expertise, equipment and critical care that are not always available in most general practices. By working together, our specialists and your primary care veterinarian provide superior care for your pet(s).

Dr. Bichsel

Board Certified Neurologist

Dr. Goett

Board Certified Surgeon

Dr. D’Ambrosio

Board Certified Criticalist

Dr. Borde

Board Certified Cardiologist

Dr. Zachariah

Board Certified in Zoological Medicine

Board-Certified, Residency-Trained Specialists

Each of our veterinary specialists is a board-certified, residency-trained specialist in their veterinary medical discipline. ASECB Board Certified Specialists include a Surgeon and Brevard County’s only veterinary Neurologist and Criticalist. A Board Certified Cardiologist visits bi-monthly a Board Certified Dermatologist visits monthly and a Board Certified Zoo veterinarian visits monthly. There is an off-site Board Certified Radiologist who reviews all cases.

Board Certified Veterinarians receive advanced training specific to their specialty field for certification and in addition to becoming a DVM, they must:

  • Complete four to five years of internship and residency programs under the supervision of multiple Board Certified Specialists ensuring consistency in training and adherence to high standards.
  • Meet specific training and case load requirements.
  • Perform research and have their research published.
  • Upon completion of their residency, the resident must sit for and pass a rigorous board examination.